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Feb 10, 2022

🌎 Links

" internet links help me elevate my worldly knowledge and provide me with culturally relevant discussion topics for when I have to talk to people. helps me seem interesting!"
- actual reader
Here's Amanda Seyfried's Best Attempt At Replicating Elizabeth Holmes's Weird Voice In 'The Dropout'
Elizabeth Holmes had an infamously bizarre voice she presented in public — Amanda Seyfried attempted to replicate it as best she could. The limited series is coming to Hulu on March 3rd.

Facebook's $267 Billion Stock Market Collapse Is The Ultimate Proof That Mark Zuckerberg Doesn't Know What He's Doing
Facebook's core advertising business is hurting, no one likes the company, and the metaverse pivot is coming at exactly the wrong time. Yikes.

The Oscars seem to get more annoying every year. Bill Maher said it best – the Oscars should be renamed The Debbies – two thumbs down for virtue signaling. 

Celebrities and NFTs Are a Match Made in Hell
Somehow, NFTs have become even LESS cool.