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Apr 28, 2024

Offline Experiences

Future brands will be built almost entirely offline.

Offline experiences will be a new luxury.

Direct mail correspondence. Obscured website links. 

No Instagram. No online following. No social footprint.  

Word of mouth. Invite only. Impossible to research. 

"Professional Managers"

There is absolutely NOTHING worse than people who actually WANT to manage other people.  

The bigger the company gets, the more these types of people start showing up. They typically are NOT BUILDERS and they seem to spend more time in meetings, managing up, and sending emails that nobody reads. They don't make build anything... they just... "manage." They share biiiiiiiiiiig visions and spend most their time talking about the vision, presenting the vision, and hiring large teams to execute the vision... but the vision never happens because the vision requires a lot of work and not just a bunch of delegation. The bigger the vision the more work is required. And a lot of work requires people to actually be motivated and inspired to do the work... Very few people are inspired by people who just delegate all day long. People are inspired by leaders who work really, really hard.

Apr 27, 2024

Apr 19, 2024

Nuclear Power

Compute power and energy constraints — nuclear energy will be the only answer.

Apr 9, 2024

Ralph Lauren & Wabi-Sabi

 This shirt, I bought at Kmart. This is living proof of what I believe in. I love the aging of it, I love the rips, I love it all. And I didn't design it? I didn't design it. I assumed it was No, I happen to like this because it's the one that I have memories of. And how come you chose it for this conversation today?

I want it to look great.

The wear and tear of things represents memories and can make something more interesting. We always want to repair any rips, scratches, or stains. I've struggled with this forever, but there is a lot to learn about embracing the beauty that comes with imperfection.