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May 30, 2017

Great Grandpa is the Return of Teenage Grunge That We All Needed

And of course they are from Seattle. That level of angst is only achievable with the steady, unbearable rain of the northwest. It doesn't just happen.

Found Interiors

May 25, 2017

RIP J. Crew

What the happened to J. Crew? 
Much of this season’s women’s clothing fell in that screaming-loud-and-saying-little category
Somewhere between 2010 and today, J. Crew became the equally boring, more expensive alternative to Gap.

May 24, 2017


Captcha since Trump was elected.

May 23, 2017

Google's CEO thinks your Powerpoint sucks

Text heavy slides tell me two things: 1. The presenter isn't that creative. 2. I'm gonna have a hard time paying attention to this presentation.

Do you want a more interesting presentation? Use more pictures and fewer words... You're the expert, not your slides. Nobody had an attention span anymore -- plan accordingly -- you have to get their attention immediately and pictures will do it a lot faster than text. Also, we are better at remembering pictures ... (Read more via Inc's Google's CEO Doesn't Use Bullet Points and Neither Should You)

Underground in the 1940s: Alex Katz's Subway Drawings

In the 1940s, before he found acclaim as a painter, Alex Katz, now eighty-nine, was a student at Cooper Union. Uninterested in the models his teachers asked him to draw, Katz rode the subway for hours, often into the early hours of the morning, sketching the passengers who caught his eye... [read more via The Paris Review]

May 22, 2017

Don's Summer Short Report

Shorts are great! They keep you cool in the warm months and also allow for additional flexibility/mobility! 

Men's Climb Shorts by Topo Designs

May 18, 2017

RIP Chris Cornell

What a legend.

May 17, 2017

Simulation Theory, Man!

Cognitive scientist explains why perceiving a false reality is benefit:
Evolution has shaped us with perceptions that allow us to survive. They guide adaptive behaviors. But part of that involves hiding from us the stuff we don’t need to know. And that’s pretty much all of reality, whatever reality might be. If you had to spend all that time figuring it out, the tiger would eat you.

May 15, 2017

This is it and then it wasn't, an oral history of The Strokes

In 1998, five New York friends — Julian Casablancas, Albert Hammond Jr., Fabrizio Moretti, Nick Valensi, and Nikolai Fraiture — formed a band called the Strokes. They released a debut album, Is This It, in 2001. In 2009, NME named it Album of the Decade; Rolling Stone ranked it No. 2, behind Radiohead’s Kid A. This is an account of what happened in between, starting in 2002 (via Vulture).
I have always had a hard time getting into anything after The Strokes second album, Room On Fire. I've tried, but outside a few gems on First Impressions of Earth, the rest of their work pales in comparison to their first two albums. Today, Vulture published an oral history of The Strokes that details the rise and fall of the band. The article features interviews with musicians, including Ryan Adams, who were close with the band and witnessed the collapse.

May 11, 2017

May 8, 2017

A Cult Covetability

"Yes, this collaboration might have hit it out the park with sportswear aficionados and the brand’s younger audience, but equally there is something about Supreme’s cult covetability that resonates with Louis Vuitton’s thoroughly grown-up, fetishistic appeal. It is the stuff that branding legends are made of that, last year, when Supreme released a red clay brick printed with their Box Logo (and priced at $30), it sold out within minutes. Likewise, the Vuitton monogram has sustained an unparalleled cultural cachet over generations, and more than 150 years since its inception still has consumers lingering outside store doors before they open. Fuse the two brands together and, as Jones grins, “it looks fucking great and people can’t ignore it.” (read more via

May 7, 2017

The Light Phone

Digging this new Light Phone and the idea of disconnecting. Beautiful product and equally cool website.

May 6, 2017

How Eames Ended up at Costco

Discounted Design: Here's How The Eames Lounger Ended Up At Costco:

Herman Miller has determined that Costco obtained the Eames Lounge Chairs and Ottomans in question through a company who misrepresented the intended use of the product. Although these particular chairs are Herman Miller goods produced at our Michigan manufacturing facilities, Costco is not an authorized Herman Miller retailer.

May 4, 2017

The Original Fun Hogs

Digging these Patagonia 5" baggies -- the description on the Patagonia site is even better:

"The original fun hogs, all-dependable, up-for-anything Baggies™ Shorts are made of sturdy Supplex® nylon with a quick-drying mesh liner and an elasticized waistband."