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Jun 8, 2024

Father's Day Gift Guide!

The definitive father's day gift guide for discerning fathers!

1. TECHNIVORM MOCCAMASTER – really the best coffee machine out there. No timer. No clock. No buttons. Just one switch. A coffee machine your grandfather would approve of.

2. HIGH WIZARD "NUCLEAR FAMILY" T-SHIRT – it's time we celebrate the nuclear family.

3. ORSLOW 107 2-YEAR WASH DENIM – I buy these out at Canoe Club in Boulder. They are the best jeans and every dad should own a pair.

4. RALPH LAUREN BLUE OXFORD – the older I get the simpler I want things to be. If the occasion calls for something more than a long sleeve black or navy t-shirt, I am wearing this simple blue oxford. I've had my blue oxford for years and it gets better and better the older (we) it gets.

5. ZEN MIND BEGINNER'S MIND – one of my all time favorite books – "little by little."

Jun 1, 2024

Right Back To It

I highly recommend investing in premium mineral water for your home. We'd been using a Lifestraw filter, but this is way better. Mountain Valley Spring Water is delivered every few weeks in this killer glass 5 gallon glass bottle. It's sort of like a gym – you pay for it and it forces you to go – you're paying a premium for it so you drink it more often.  

We saw Waxahatchee last week. One of the best songwriters making music right now (right there alongside Big Thief!). 

Not so sunny Mother's Day weekend in Santa Barbara. After a week in San Francisco for a work trip.

Starting to see a lot of Cybertrucks around. I saw this one in San Francisco. I had a chance to buy one a few months back but I'm sort of glad we passed. There is something off about the ratios – specifically the backend. The whole thing looks sort of janky. Feels like you are paying a lot of money to drive a meme.

Picked up this killer backpack for Sonny at the San Francisco MoMa Museum store. VERY COOL. 

I wrote about "Offline Experiences" a few weeks ago, and High Wizard is a great example of what I was referring to. They send out a mailer – a sort of comic book – mixed media collage thing with some great graphics, funny copy, and a scratch-away code that gives you access to the online store. They only sent out 450 of these books and I like how the code is a sort of barrier to entry. The whole experience felt less like "shopping" or "buying" and more like participating. This is where things are going.  

It's been just over a year since we moved, and this spring has been spent trying to dial in our landscaping. 

This last weekend, we installed 38 plants, 2 trees, and a drip system. Outdoor lighting was also put in a month earlier.

Steph is really into craft ice. I went out to an ice distributor to get her 25 perfectly cut ice cubes. Spent 30-min. talking with the owner of the operation. Seems like there is a market for retail here. We're gonna investigate – stay tuned.