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Mar 4, 2022


Leaving Mexico

Lots of travel in the last 2 weeks. Spent a week in a small fishing village in Mexico. Flew home for a night and then went to Dallas for the past 3-days.

A few random thoughts from Texas:

The Gaylord Hotel's Magic Eye Chuck Norris Carpet

Texas is truly insane. There is about a mile worth of this carpet in the Gaylord Hotel in Dallas. I have spent my entire stay at the hotel trying to mentally unpack how this happened. I have so many questions:

1. How did this carpet get made? Like, how did someone decide that they should create a carpet pattern that features a boot, a wagon wheel, a Texas state flag, a horseshoe, some rope, and flowers? What does it mean? Is there some sacred meaning behind this mysterious combination? 

2. How did this carpet get selected? You're designing a hotel and you have thousands and thousands of square feet to cover... and you select this. HOW? 

3. And just, why? It was very disorienting and I shit you not, it went on forever. Hallways upon hallways of this vertigo-inducing combination. It reminded me of one of those magic eye posters from the 1990s. If you happened to look down as you were walking, your eyes would go cross and Chuck Norris would appear. 

The Texas transportation system is cursed. In 100 years, we are going to look at the design of these highways and say WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F!@$ was going on in Texas? It reminded me of the kid growing up who was REALLY BAD at SimCity. Like dude, do you even know how to build a city? What is going on with all these roads?