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Mar 29, 2022

72 Hours in Vegas

I spent the last 3-nights in Vegas. 72 hours is my absolute max – anything longer seems truly insane. The energy here has always been weird. But a post-COVID Vegas is even weirder. Darker. 

The entire strip feels like you are living within a social media feed that you didn't subscribe to. An endless scroll of advertisements for pleasures you DON'T want. Click nothing. Ever. But even if you don't click, the content just keeps getting served. It's so disorienting.


By the end of my 3-days, I had convinced myself that the entire city was one big simulation and that the majority of the people on the strip were merely non-player characters (NPCs) in the game. 

I determined that the simulation must have started somewhere between 2005-2008 because Pauly D from Jersey Shore is a headlining DJ. Chris Angel is still a thing. Taxi Cabs are far easier than getting an Uber. And restaurants are somehow able to serve "steaks" for $5.99. COVID obviously never happened here. 

In other Jersey Shore news... Pauly D's close friend Vinnie is now stripping at Chippendales. Caabs are here!!!