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Mar 21, 2022

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Will Butler Says He’s Left Arcade Fire
Will Butler joined Arcade Fire in late 2003 when multi-instrumentalist Brendan Reed quit onstage during a show. He first appeared on Arcade Fire’s debut album, 2004’s Funeral, and has contributed to every album since then, including the band’s upcoming studio LP WE. Arcade Fire's new single, The Lightning I, II is VERY good – see link below:


Nobody complimented my B*red Ape hoodie
What do logo jawns tell us about coolness, desire, and where NFTs are headed? I'll go on record here... NFTs are corny as hell and those bored ape jpegs are the Von Dutch of blockchain. On a related note, 

70 percent of our survey respondents believe it will no longer be necessary for creatives to live in major cities in the future.