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Mar 31, 2022

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is not the real world. 

After spending a week there, you can be tricked into thinking $2M for an 1100 square foot fixer-upper is a STEAL and you should do ABSOLUTELY whatever you need to do to move.

Sell everything, downsize and MOVE RIGHT NOW... because this is it. This is THE PLACE! 

We would NEVER go on vacation because we'll always BE ON VACATION! 

Don't you get it? We need to be HERE, NOW. That's what Ram Dass meant the whole time – he meant WE need to move to Santa Barbara! 

Let's look at some houses. F@#! it, call the Airbnb host and see if they'll sell us this house! 

No, they won't? Fine, let's go see some open houses! 

Wow, these are super small huh? Who cares! We're in Santa Barbara! 

...What do you mean you have to offer at least 15-20% over asking to have a shot at the 2 MILLION DOLLAR FIXER-UPPER? 15% of 2 million dollars is more money than we paid for our ENTIRE FIRST HOME... shit. 

Pack it up, we gotta go back to the snow desert.