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Jan 23, 2022

The Super Bubble!

Gen Z cannot afford to buy a house so they're buying digital real estate instead... and other signs that we are living in a bubble (or a simulation, either way) –

JPG files selling for millions. Dorks spending thousands of dollars on monkey avatars. Dogecoin. High growth tech stocks and then high growth stocks, like... AMC or Gamestop completely untethered to reality.

Crypto taking over the world. Crypto crashing

All this amidst a global pandemic and record-low interest rates (which has led to inflation rising faster than anyone expected...)

The entire economy feels like one giant meme. None of it makes any sense. Some are calling it a superbubble... predicting that we are going to see a complete collapse of U.S. housing, equities, and bonds all at once. That may be the direst of takes, but if you start looking around... something feels off. NOTE: I lack a basic understanding of economics, global markets, and maths... but like Roman Roy, "I'm dumb, but I'm smart," and it's very difficult for to me understand how this isn't a bubble.