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Jan 24, 2022

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The first chapter of this three-part docuseries brings you back to Ye’s beginning — and gives you a superhero origin story.

Why it’s too early to get excited about Web3
The man who defined the term "Web 2.0" (referring to the version of the internet most of us know today. An internet dominated by companies that provide services in exchange for your personal data) shares his thoughts on Web3.

How Tumblr Became Popular for Being Obsolete
Speaking of Web 2.0 – Tumblr's status as a relic of the Internet has attracted prodigal users as well as new ones. If Tumblr is a relic... what is Blogger? Is anyone else still using this platform? 

Meet Me in The Bathroom
Welcome to pre-9/11 New York City, when the world was unaware of the profound political and cultural shifts about to occur, and an entire generation was thirsty for more than the post–alternative pop rock plaguing MTV. In the cafés, clubs, and bars of the Lower East Side there convened a group of outsiders and misfits full of ambition and rock star dreams. When The Strokes secured a residency at the Mercury Lounge in 2000, the scene that had previously been ignored by record labels and music magazines took off.

Mars Wrigley company rolled out a sterile, bone-dry rebrand of those sentient, sexy, candy-shelled roly-polys we like to call M&Ms.
"The corporate fat cats in their ivory tower made of chewing gum have ughnooooooified the M&Ms because they think we, the current customers, are a bunch of dumpy sluts who need to be taught proper manners. The Mars Wrigley Corporation doesn’t think that girl M&Ms can do everything that boy M&Ms can do – and in heels!"

The rise and fall of Esprit, San Francisco’s coolest clothing brand
But underneath the splashy magazine profiles and heavy-handed political messaging lies another tale. It’s one of San Francisco corporate excess and office trampolines. By the mid-’90s, mirroring the rest of Boomer culture, the Bay Area hippies had fully transformed into take-no-prisoners capitalists, complete with brutal corporate takeovers and tumultuous divorces.