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Mar 1, 2024


A24, the studio behind everything from Uncut Gems to Beef, has private equity backing, a $2.5 billion valuation and a newfound desire to go mainstream.

The Greedy Leadership of Vice Ultimately Drained the Company Completely
Let's be honest though... Vice fell off long before they decided to shut it down.

YouTube dominates TV streaming in US, per Nielsen’s latest report
Sixty-one percent of Gen Z reported that they favor user-generated content over other content formats.

The Empty Adderall Factory
A drugmaker’s feud with the DEA is exacerbating the ADHD meds crisis — at a rate of 600 million missing doses a year.

I Went to a Rave With the 46-Year-Old Millionaire Who Claims to Have the Body of a Teenager
Dude sounds like an ABSOLUTE FREAK! –
Johnson, a 46-year-old centimillionaire who made his fortune in Silicon Valley but is best known for waging a war on death that he claims to be winning. His ambitions are somehow greater, and more science-fictional, than those of other biohackers and life-extension fanatics—a group that includes Peter Thiel, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg. Johnson preaches perhaps the most brazen iteration of Silicon Valley’s emerging obsession with AI and commitment to restructuring society around the technology. He believes he has figured out how algorithms, instead of ruining civilization, can lead him to the land of immortals.
We're gonna see a documentary on his cult in the next 10 years.

Rivian stock falls as EV maker reports fourth-quarter results, announces 10% job cuts
Probably a good time to buy Rivian. Truly insane to see a company that IPO'd at $78 is now trading at $10. SUVs look cool as hell. Trucks not so much.