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May 17, 2022

Microsoft's Secret Obsession with Matthew Perry

Microsoft made a Windows 95 "Cyber Sitcom" starring Rachel Aniston and Matthew Perry (in character as Rachel and Chandler Bing). It's truly insane – here is how the narrator describes it:

"In section one, you'll get more than a few laughs as we present the world's first Cyber Sitcom starring two of television's hottest comedy personalities, Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry."

"They'll be taking you on an adventure in computing that takes place in the office of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. Along the way, they meet a wacky bunch of propellerheads and they're introduced to the top 25 features of Windows 95. The pace is fast and funny..."

The whole this is so bad that it's actually good. It also left me wondering if there is some sort of Matthew Perry obsession happening up in Redmond, Washington,,,,, 14 years after this video premiered, Microsoft would go onto rebrand their search engine, Live Search, to.... you guessed it, "BING."