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May 1, 2022

"It's a new update!"

A24, the cool film studio, wants to sell you a membership
A24 is brilliant in generating recurring revenue through a subscription service that drives up the sense of exclusivety within their community. For $5 per month or $55 per year, members get a subscription to A24’s quarterly print zine, a membership pin, a birthday gift, access to special merch and discounts, various forms of “VIP treatment,” including priority access to IRL events, and they are add to “Close Friends” list on Instagram, where they can see Stories that non-member followers can’t, “plus giveaways, sales, and sneak peeks we’ll never post to main.”
This is art in 2022 – Hypnotizing, Bizarre Footage Of Cars Vs. A Giant Bulge In The Road
Don't know where it came from, who made it, why it was created, but you can't stop watching.

Who ❋ Needs Words ✎ When You ➰Have Symbols❓
Nouveau Rebus is bringing back dingbats and glyphs one DTC branding project at a time.

The next frontier in branding? Logos you can see from space
Rooftop solar panels are giving companies like Tesla, Target, and Disney a way to supersize their branding.

Virtual communication curbs creative idea generation 
The results of a new study suggest "that virtual interaction comes with a cognitive cost for creative idea generation". In-person is better for the production of creative ideas.