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Feb 23, 2021

Steph Stuff™

Rare Q&A with Steph

What is the best way to keep a room smelling fresh? Do you like candles, incense, sprays? Recommendations?
Don burns a lot of incense around the house. If you're not careful, your home can begin smelling like a college dorm room. Selection is key. We love all the stick incense from Kuumba International. They don't saturate your clothes or linger in your house. If you don't like incense, we also burn palo santo wood. If you're ever in Denver, check out Sacred Thistle. It's one of our favorite shops – in addition to palo santo wood, they also have some killer ceramics, plants, and these really unique candleholders that we love. If you don't like burning things... you can always pick up some room spray. Aesop makes a nice one.

What are your favorite boots for women?

Being from Oregon, I will always love Danner boots. SEE THEM IN ACTION ABOVE! They are functional and the silhouettes are timeless. The Mountain Lite II is the boot that had a moment a few years ago when that hiking book got popular. Never read it. Not a big hiker myself. But the boot is great. Don has a pair too which he photographs relentlessly (just poke around on this site and I'm sure you'll find a picture). Outside of Danner, I've been really digging these hybrid boot things from Hoka. The version pictured to the left is the men's version. Unfortunately, a lot of the colors for women are a bit much. Since we are on the topic of winter wardrobe (I really only wear boots in the winter), I found the best sweater for $19.90 at Uniqlo. The purple is muh-favorite.

Can you share the sunglasses you are wearing in this photo?
They are Moscot – worth the investment!

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