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Jan 21, 2021

Steph Stuff™

Rare Q&A with our QUEEN!

Hey Steph, how do you stay moisturized in such a dry climate?
Big secret here... Snail Mucin. Transformational. Slimy. What is it you ask? It's basically the slime that snails leave in their wake ...also known as the snail trail πŸŒ. It sounds nasty and it is. But, it seals in moisture better than anything else out there. Other go-to products include GoopGlow Vitamin-C serum and Le Prunier. Who knew there was a snail emoji?

Hey Steph, do you have any recommendations for vases?
Fresh flowers are the best way to brighten up a room, but flowers are only as pretty as the vase they live in. My favorite vase of all time is this Mondrian vase I picked up a few years ago from the MoMa design store. Sadly, it is no longer available. Another favorite is the tree trunk vase from Hay.

What's your wardrobe look like lately?
I've been getting very into overalls. Don got me a pair from Carhartt WIP back in December and I wear them 3-7 days a week. They fit my requirements for clothing. Comfortable. Cozy. And very effective at attracting and collecting all of Murphy's hair.

Stephanie answers our most lingering taste-based questions; if you have one, leave a comment below and it will be answered in the next Steph Stuff™ post.