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Feb 26, 2021

📁 Research: Togo Furniture

The Togo line of design furniture for Ligne Roset was first presented to the public in Paris in October 1973, and remains one of the iconic furniture lines of the 20th Century. Its weird bohemian vibe and sensual curves can make any room instantly more interesting and nappable (nappable can be defined as the qualities or conditions that create a good nap). 

Named after the largest country in Africa, the Togo sofa is polarizing and provocative. It gets the people going. You either hate it or love it. I love it. It fits with almost any interior style – it looks as great in a modern/minimal setting as it does in slouchy, cozy interiors. It's at home with traditional furniture and with more modern pieces.

As an avid indoorsman, I  have a deep appreciation for Togo furniture. It's uniquely designed for downtime. It gives lounging the style it deserves. It's unique and hard to place. It feels retro, but also futuristic. This is the only sofa that has ever spoke to my inner 70s love child. Up until seeing this sofa, I did not know I even had an inner 70s love child. But I definitely do and it definitely wants to lay about all day on this sofa, reading poetry and ripping heaters.

Like anything exotic, Togo seating is not common. I've never seen a Togo sofa in real life. They are expensive. Really expensive. But can you really put a price on timeless design? And manufacturing these sculptural beauties is no easy task – there are several steps – the leather upholstery process takes over 6 hours alone! Here is a video that documents the manufacturing process which takes place in Baird, France.