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Sep 27, 2023


Everything is accelerating. Pandemics. Global war. Wild ass weather. Exponential advancements in artificial intelligence. Robots doing backflips.

And amidst all this CHAOS, we are slowly being told that ALIENS are probably, MOST DEFINITELY REAL.

So why is this all happening at once? If my research is accurate, it's because our reality is about to SHIFT dramatically, and we are being prepared for the next chapter of our evolution.

Buckle up! It's gonna get WEIRD.

For the last 75 years, governments have spent denying and stigmatizing any idea or dialogue around alien life.

That worked when there wasn't a global network to share information.

Our personal use of technology has advanced to a point where it's impossible for the truth to be suppressed any longer.

So now we are experiencing an attempt to control the narrative – to slowly trickle information out so as to not alarm the masses all at once.

And it's working.

First, there were all the New York Times articles beginning in 2017:

Nobody cared.

Next, we had a very public congressional hearing:

Again, the public was completely disinterested. 

The stigma around aliens has been so indoctrinated that people have been conditioned to shrug.

The transition of aliens from the realm of conspiracy to the mainstream hasn't been abrupt; it's been a gradual, deliberate dissemination of information designed to minimize the shock and prepare us for what unfolds next.

So what happens next?

📡 ADVANCED PATTERN RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGIES have revealed a series of upcoming events (time_location: UNKNOWN)


01. We see an exponential increase in very public unexplainable events documented and shared by an increasing number of credible people.

02. This triggers a very public disclosure, and we become aware that we are part of a GALACTIC CIVILIZATION and have been contacted/interacting with advanced extraterrestrial races for years (THIS ALL HAPPENS VERY FAST. LOTS OF CHAOS AT FIRST).

03. Contact will trigger an expanded consciousness for many and a complete shift in how we understand our lives, the earth, and the universe. How we perceive time. We're talking MUTLI-DIMENSIONAL stuff. Astral Planes. Souls. Quantum DNA.
[Too much to get into here – BTW, this information is not NEW and has been seeded in popular culture and movies for a long time.

04. We have been conditioned to view science and religion/spirituality as separate belief systems. What happens next helps us see it's all connected, man! Religion, philosophy, mythology, science... it's all part of one UNIFIED CONSCIOUSNESS. Morality, faith, and religion are all part of this and represent a higher consciousness. JESUS teaches love. LOVE IS THE HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS.