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Jan 28, 2021

Halt And Catch Fire 💾

Steph and I recently finished AMC's Halt & Catch Fire series. 

How have more people not watched this show? It's incredible. A true love letter to the personal computer and early internet culture. 

The tech drama spans from 1983 (when Microsoft introduced the first version of Word) to 1995. It details the rise of the personal computing revolution and follows a group of characters competing against giants like Microsoft, IBM, Apple, and Dell. The series is a masterclass in character development. Each major character is layered with story arcs that evolve in unexpected ways. I became very attached to these people and their narratives. There are some truly beautiful moments throughout the 4 seasons. I almost cried. Almost (several times).

You don't have to love technology to connect with "Halt" – this is a story about the power of ideas and the work required to make something of them – about creation, failure, and all the complex relationships we develop along the way. What I loved most was the optimistic view of technology – that technology really was just a metaphor for art and that machines will never replace our need for human connection. "Computers aren't the thing. It's the thing that gets us to the thing.

And let's be clear... it's not JUST the story that makes this series so mesmerizing... the set design, music, and wardrobes are perfect. These tech nerds get some FITS OFF! If I'm being honest with myself though, the 80s/90s information technology aesthetic is my ENTIRE vibe. Add in some tech startup energy and a killer soundtrack (heavy dosages of REM) and it seems like this series was created specifically for me, Don. He is me. 🥺 I feel seen.

Imagery from Season 1 of Halt and Catch Fire:

You can really see how the series evolves, moving from the early 80s and into the mid-90s. See imagery
from season 2, 3, and 4 below: