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Jun 19, 2023

Father’s Day

One day he may read this, and I would want him to know that being his Dad is the best thing that has ever happened to me and that he makes me proud every day. 

Other things I would want him to know:

1. Finding the right person to partner with in life might be the most important thing you ever do. You gotta get this part right. And like most things that matter, you have to listen deeply and follow intuition above all else. Your heart knows what to do.

2. Don’t try to plan everything. There is so much that is completely out of your control. Be prepared, of course. But don’t spend a lot of trying to analyze and chartering your path. There is no path. Wander around a bit. Try different things. It will all connect later on.

3. Whatever you do, do it fully. Don’t rest. Burn yourself out. It’s the only way you will get where you are going. Oh, the places you will go! You can’t fail. There is only learning. If something doesn’t work, who cares? Just keep going.